Employees of Family Care Home Health Agency,

We are saddened to inform you that unfortunately we were not approved for the Hazard Pay Grant that we had applied for. Please be aware that we know that this is upsetting, and we too are upset with the results of this Grant application.
After examining the recipients of this Grant, a grant that we were initially made to believe would be going to businesses that needed to pay their deserving employees Hazard Pay while also taking a financial loss during this pandemic, we noticed that there were little to no recipients that were Home Health Agencies, hospitals, Emergency Medical Services, or various other companies or organizations that have been on the front lines of this pandemic.

We are working alongside the Pennsylvania Homecare Association (PHA), to advocate for proper compensation regarding hazard pay. Employees who are heroes day in and day out, employees who take care of and ensure that some of the highest at risk patients are kept safe and happy in their own homes. We ask that everyone assist in this process by reaching out via email, phone calls, and letters to their local State Representatives, State Senators, and the Governor of Pennsylvania to ensure that we are not left out.

As a small business, owned and operated right here in Pennsylvania, we are doing everything we can to show you, our employees, that we see the difference you make in people’s lives. As a result, our starting rate at all home care offices has been raised to a starting rate of $12 per hour. We ask that you assist us by reaching out to our state officials so that we can hopefully offer an incentive and give back to you, as you give to those who need it most.

Statistically speaking, 10,000 businesses put in requests for this grant that requested $900 million dollars. During this two week application period, Family Care Home Health Agency LLC’s Agency Administrator worked tirelessly to ensure that our application was one of the first submitted with all requested documents and notations. We were told that only the most “At-Risk” based on OSHA Worked Exposure Risk and “other factors” were used to calculate recipients. If you are interested in viewing the recipients of this grant, click here.